About Dissediting

Dissediting has been providing a range of editing and review services to research scholars, professional researchers, and businesses. The company aims at delivering high-quality review support to every client who needs help in correcting the language and format in several types of academic or business documents. As a group of professionals with decades of educational and research experience in English and other related fields, we offer effective proofreading, dissertation editing, and copy editing services to graduate and postgraduate students, as well as to professors and authors.

Our highly efficient and effective team of online editors performs proofreading and substantive dissertation editing, as well as ESL editing and regular academic editing. Our editing services can make your documents error free and better readable. Through editing, you can fix such errors in your work that can otherwise affect the clarity and comprehension of your content for your target readers. Right editing service can prevent you from the embarrassment an incorrect document can bring to you. Here is a comparative picture of the major review and document checking services we provide.


Substantive Editing: Substantive editing is detail oriented. Our editors work line-by-line and polish every aspect of your content that needs improvement and modification to provide overall clarity and flow. Our substantive editing service can even go to the extent of rewording or rewriting of a portion of text. While the service takes care of all major errors of language and format, it also enhances the structure and logic of your content.

We remove redundancies in your work and improve your vocabulary, if required. Along with sentence structure correction and content organization, we also work on fact checking and modification of writing style to suit scholarly writing for academic papers and business writing for work papers. Additionally, we correct the tone and make it more reader friendly. Through substantive editing, our aim is to enhance your work to near perfection so it can become coherent and impress your intended audience.

Copy Editing: Copy editing is not as detailed as substantive editing. However, our copy editing services take care of all grammatical, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and syntax errors. It is a regular editing service that even includes the correction of styles and formats in citations and references. The service targets to correct every single error of format and language. The aim of our copy editing services is to make your documents flawless, meaningful, comprehensive, and well presentable.

Proofreading: Proofreading is done usually at the last stage when the final copy of your dissertation, thesis, or research paper needs to be submitted in an error-free form. Our proofreading services take care of such mistakes that may occur due to neglect, unawareness, or ignorance. While there may be basic mistakes of grammar, there can also be errors of spelling, punctuation, margins, or spacing.

Our proofreading services can correct all inconsistencies that you may have left in your academic or business document. The service also scrutinizes the overall layout and design of your content. Thus, it gives a finish to your document so any ignored typographical or mechanical mistake should not be able to spoil the overall impression of your work.

ESL Editing: Students with English as a second language (ESL) need special attention when it comes to the review of their dissertations, theses, or research papers. Thus, we perform ESL editing and conduct a thorough language check word-by-word. Every aspect of language and format is reviewed, including its grammar, word usage, spelling, spacing, alignment, caption, and sentence structure. We also look at structural coherence and logical flow of content in ESL students’ documents. Many times, multiple rounds of editing takes place to make a document free of every single error. Some of the text may also require rewriting.

Why Us
  • Personalized Services: We work on each client project in an individualized manner. By collaborating with you and understanding your editing requirements, we design a custom checking plan for your documents so we can give you the best of quality on your project. Our editors follow all the linguistic and formatting guidelines that your institution, selected publication, or business partner may have given you. Additionally, we give you timely feedback on your project so you may know about the changes we have made or suggested.
  • Trained Editors: We have hired the best of experts in all academic fields so they may deliver high-quality editing services to our clients. With decades of industry and research experience, our trained staff delivers documents that are flawless and fully compliant with the required citation style. They have the knowledge of several academic writing styles, as well as the process of research and its intricacies. Thus, they are able to deliver well-polished documents to you.
  • Best Quality: A second set of eyes always run through your paper to make sure everything is right. We conduct multiple checks to ensure the best quality of content in your work. We also provide feedback on your work so any last-minute suggestions or inputs can be incorporated to make your documents stay away from errors of any kind. You will get your text, graphics, and format free of every single mistake after our editors, proofreaders, and quality checkers go through these.
  • Timely Delivery: We deliver all your work on time, thus providing you ample time for revisions. We guarantee to provide your edited papers (less than 10,000 words) in 5 working days, except for those who require a fast turnaround time. Else, your work is delivered to you by the mutually discussed timelines. With Dissediting, you will never miss any submission deadline.
  • Competitive Pricing: We do not charge an exorbitant fee for normal and fast turnaround time. We simply set a benchmark in the editing and proofreading profession by providing excellent services at reasonable and competitive prices.
  • Secure and Confidential: We ensure complete secrecy and safety of the documents you provide us. To make sure that a third party does not use your ideas, we do not divulge the contents of your dissertation to anyone, except to our experts who are working on your project. Thus, you can feel fully secure about availing services from us.
Types of Documents We Review
  • For College Students and Researchers: We edit and proofread essays, research papers, presentations, term papers, theses, dissertations, and grant applications.
  • For Academic/Technical Writers: We handle the review of research papers, technical papers, academic publications, white papers, articles, project proposals, and presentations.
  • For Business Clients: We performs checks for annual reports, press releases, contracts, RFPs and RFQs, proposals, white papers, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, marketing collaterals, etc.

To know how we work to deliver editing and proofreading services to you, you may navigate through our website. If you require additional details or wish to take up any of our services, then click here to get in touch with our representatives.