Editing Process

We have a streamlined editing process that remains the same for all types of documents. Whether you a student who requires the proofreading of a thesis or an executive who needs substantive editing to be performed on a contract or proposal, we follow a quick editing process to complete your work on time, yet with the best of quality offered on it. Our process is tried and tested for best results. While it usually happens through the email method or online method, we can also work on hard copies. Here are the processes followed in each case:

Option 1: Traditional Hard Copy Method
  • You send us a hard copy of your completed document (including references and appendices, along with all headings and subheadings).
  • We create an editorial markup to send across to you. All your comments and suggestions may be written on the markup copy.
  • After receiving back the markup copy from you, the editor working on your article/paper will work on your suggestions so a ready-to-submit document can be delivered to you quickly.
Option 2: Online Process
  • Your emailed documents are edited directly on MS Word, and the added text is marked in red and deleted text is marked in green strikeout.
  • The corrected document will be emailed back to you, with the instructions for accepting our suggested changes that you may do after going through each of our suggestions.
  • You then send us the document with your feedback. Your editor will receive the document with your notations for changes and final inputs. After working on your inputs, the final copy of your document will be prepared and emailed back to you as an attachment.

Note: The final document you receive as an email attachment may require pagination (adjustments to lines, page breaks, and borders) according to your computer and printer settings.

When you decide to avail any of our services, you may tell us the mode through which you would like to communicate and work with us. We accordingly start the process to deliver most convenience to you. To get additional details on our work process or our services, you may click here to submit your query. We will get back to you as soon as we acknowledge your message.