Dec 19, 2013

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Social science research and its features

The science that deals with the lifestyle principles of society and individuals and how they influence the world around us is Social science. The broader study of understanding the interrelationships, casual behavior, Sequences and revising the old and new facts via systematic plan is known as Social science research. Social Research initiated with the positivist philosophy of science in 19th century.

The summation of facts that have been accumulated over the years or empirically verifiable observations merged with theory, walking with the predictions give birth to an efficient research. A succinct research will require the researcher to fathom the originality of the situation and bring out the key points. The features of an ideal research are:

1. Can be either Qualitative or quantitative.
2. Can be combined to form a multi-designed strategy.
3. Can be based upon raw data statistics, survey results, observations, and interviews
4. Differentiated by its balance between library research and field research from other subject areas.
5. Current information is required which calls out for heavy use of journal articles and conference papers.
6. Findings are many times reported in public media, so it is necessary to make a difference between scholarly publications and renowned magazines.

These are the prominent features of a social science research. However, the research modules and patterns change as per the environment modifications.


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