Jan 27, 2015

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The Benefits of Getting Documents Edited Over E-Mail

There are many students who send their academic documents to a professional editor for editing. They want someone with excellent command over English and with some level of subject matter expertise to look over their document and make sure that the content has a quality that is good enough to submit to the university review board.

The students are normally given the option of submitting their documents in three ways.

  1. They can send the hard copy of the document which is then rectified and sent back to the editor.
  2. The second method is rapidly running out of favour because technology is changing so quickly, but it is the fax method where the students send the document via a fax machine for the editing. These machines are no longer to be found in large numbers and hence they are going out of favour.
  3. The third method is the e-mail method and this is the method that is the most popular. The students simply mail their document to the editor; he or she edits it and then sends back the final copy along with a list of all the tracked changes.

There are many benefits of getting the document edited via e-mail, and these are some of the reasons why you should follow this method.

  1. This is a fast way of getting the document edited, and it also saves the student and the editor the problem of taking printed copies of the document and spending a lot of money. The student only has to take one copy and that is before the final submission of the document to the university board.
  2. Having access to an e-mail is quite simple these days and one would be hard pressed to find people who do not have access to an e-mail account.

This method allows students to get in touch with editors from any part of the world and have their documents corrected and readied for submission to the review panel.

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