Aug 31, 2013

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Types of dissertation editing

Dissertation editing is a very important segment of your dissertation. Most of the students are not aware of the methods of dissertation editing. Basically, there are two methods of dissertation editing. The first one is mechanical editing and the second one is organic editing. Before editing their dissertation, it is essential for students to get familiarized with these two types of editing. To know about different types of editing in detail, one can also take help of dissertation editing firms. One such platform is, where you will be provided with different services related to dissertation editing.  Dissertation editing helps you in polishing your work and bringing the best results.  As your dissertation is checked by a second pair of eyes, it will surely find the hidden mistakes and errors. Below is the description of different types of dissertation editing that will surely help you in your work.

  • Mechanical editing – Mechanical editing is that process of editing which deals with language mistakes like – spelling, grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure etc. In this process of editing, the dissertation is checked for mistakes minutely. This type of editing is recommended especially for students who need to proofread their work before submitting. This kind of editing is done manually as well as by taking help of different software programs and tools. There are a number of websites that help the students by providing a variety of editing tools to correct their dissertation. The students can also do this kind of editing manually, but, it needs a lot of concentration, time and dedication. They should be familiar with the rules of English language; otherwise, the students may not be able to find language mistakes in their dissertation.  In this kind of editing, the students should be equipped with word processing software and a dictionary. The students should set the language setting before starting their work. The rules of English language vary from one country to the other and hence, it is necessary to manage the language settings. One can also use grammar checker tools to correct grammatical errors.
  • Organic editing – After doing mechanical editing, one should do organic editing. In this kind of editing, the students need to check the correctness of the topic and its sections. Some of the common things included in organic editing include – verifying the originality of the topic, methodologies, data reliability, evidences, accuracy of the results etc. The references and bibliographies are also checked for accuracy. The voice, tone and writing style should be consistent throughout the dissertation; otherwise, it will be corrected in organic editing.   In short, organic editing is the process of checking the correctness of the research work.

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