Jun 23, 2017

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Why ESL editing is mandatory ?

Importance of ESL editing for students ESL is nothing, but the abbreviated form of “English as Second Language”. This is for students who are studying in other languages and have taken up learning programs where English has been given as their second language. Naturally, when you are learning a whole new language, it is quite possible that there will be chances of mistakes and that too, big mistakes. Most people who are non-English find it difficult to both...

Oct 9, 2015

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Language No Bar

Success knows no boundaries and limitations. When you are on your way to achieving something, the only thing that matters in the journey is your perseverance and the will power to keep going no matter what. A lot of times, students who wish to successfully do a dissertation project, often find themselves struggling with the language barrier even if they are completely equipped with the right kind of information and a proper knowledge of how the dissertation should...